Credit Card Load Balancing

For many retailers or restaurants, one credit card and merchant account is fine, however if you are in an industry that is categorized as “high risk” then more than one merchant account is going to become a necessity and credit card loan balancing critical. Merchants that accept credit cards as a form of payment are probably already aware of the restrictions and requirements that go along with having a merchant account and being able to maintain credit card payment-processing. Online merchants are one of the most common users of merchant accounts and accept credit cards as their primary form of payment. Because merchant accounts are invaluable to online merchants, it is very important that their merchant accounts are handled appropriately and with care.

Credit Card Load Balancing Solutions

Credit Card Load Balancing Solutions


Because the invention of eCommerce sites created new ways to process payments, such as accepting credit cards, it became necessary for merchants to have agreements with multiple payment processor companies. As a result, some agreements with these companies include restrictions, such as sales areas, currency, type of payment (whether it was recurring or not), and maximum sales volumes that, once hit, could not be exceeded. In order to get around all of these restrictions, it was crucial for merchants to have multiple agreements with various processors, which established multiple merchant IDs that were associated with each account.

Load balancing became a helpful way for merchants to manage their multiple merchant accounts and merchant credit cards.

It is a way for merchants to divide payments among multiple merchant IDs and processors. Many merchants engage in this type of financial planning in order to gain the benefits of load balancing, which include business growth and minimizing liability.


With load balancing through our company we are able to take all of your merchant accounts and credit cards and put them in one easy to access account. Each account can be set with a maximum amount and when that maximum amount is met, then another merchant account is then used. This way all of your transactions are spread across many different merchant accounts. This is beneficial because if you start to have problems or issues with one of your merchant accounts, you have others at your disposal. If one of your merchant accounts becomes frozen, then you don’t have to worry about the impact it could have had on your business. You can continue to operate with piece of mind that you have other merchant accounts to use.

What to consider when determining your business need for credit car loan balancing

If you are considering whether you actually need credit card load balancing, then you consider how much protection your business needs and how much control you want over your accounts. Most merchants that are categorized as “high risk” prefer to have more control and protection over their accounts. High risk businesses include, but are not limited to, eCommerce businesses, health, wellness, or financial coaching, adult website distributors, and travel websites. If your merchant account was frozen or a high reserve was held, would this be detrimental to your business? If so, credit card load balancing is essential to efficient and smooth operation of your company.


Other factors to consider when trying to decide if load balancing is best for your business is assessing whether you have high sales volumes, many different product lines, various websites used for sales purposes, or if you have processing limits on your merchant account. If these factors resonate with you and your company experiences these issues, then a credit card load balancing program is critical. Being able to process between multiple merchant accounts using our program will allow you to better monitor sales transactions, assess sales volume, reducing risk, and decreasing the amount of charge backs you experience. Using our program, you can load balance between as many merchant credit cards as you want under just one account.


There are many other great reasons to consider when trying to decide whether credit card load balancing is for your business.

Every merchant ID account has a sales volume limit in the agreement. If your business is consistently exceeding the limit then there are only two options at that point. One is to just stop sales for the rest of the month, which would seriously impact earnings and profitability, or the business can simply shift to another merchant account. Certain agreements with payment processors include restrictions on currencies. However, if you have multiple merchant account credit card accounts then you can have different currency agreements among all your different merchant accounts. This allows you high earning potential by making your products available to multiple countries and various currencies. Another reason to consider credit card load balancing with us is that you can possess different merchant accounts that allow you different forms of payment, so you can receive recurring payments and non-recurring payments. Having just one account to log into in order to oversee all these functions reduces a lot of unnecessary work so you can focus on your business more.


There are several different ways credit card load balancing can be used and set up.

First of all you could have transactions be processed and cascaded across two accounts, 50% going to the first account and 50% going to a second account. Another option includes all the funds going to a single account and establishing a second account for when the maximum limit is met. A transaction could also be divided among three accounts based on the form of payment, for example, all Mastercard/Visas routed to account 1, all Discover to account 2, and EUROs to account 3. Another way to divide the payments could be by websites; if you have multiple websites producing sales then each website could have its own merchant account.

Using credit card load balancing you can open your business up to much more accessibility by different kinds of customers and increase your potential growth. The credit card load balancing program we offer is safe, secure, and handled with the utmost care in order to ensure the best protection for your company. Being able to not have to worry about payment processing restrictions or requirements is invaluable and we look forward to working with you to help you grow your business.