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I was getting so frustrated for getting penalized that my business was growing, even with NO charge backs or issues merchants not wanting to keep servicing my company. Your system makes it easy for me to send out invoices and get paid taking the worry away of merchants turning my account off. Cant' be more satisfied! Thank you for saving me from all the headaches.

- Mark Upshaw

3 ways credit card load balancing
helps your business

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Minimize load on your merchant account

In the event that you have an online business that does high deals volume every month you can get help and ensure your advantages with various merchants’ accounts and a load balancing. High volume merchants risk having their assets held up by the processors while they experience chance management.

Spreading your exchanges over different merchant’s accounts will likewise diminish the danger of high charge back volume occurring on any one account. In the event that your business has a considerable measure of charge backs, a load balancing is an extraordinary alternative for you. In case you're a retail store or a restaurant– one processor is all you require. Tragically, in the event that you are an eCommerce trader, offering data items, training individuals, have a grown-up site, offering travel, or doing an assortment of different things that fall into the high hazard classification – one merchant account just won't cut it.

Load balancing was made to protect merchants from their processors and give them a little more control. Load balancing allows you to effortlessly convey the danger of having your accounts solidified, or having over the top stores held consequently.